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August 9, 2012
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I Never Gave Up On You

Birthday gift for my good friend Rhiannon, featuring her two OC's Astuto de los Muerto and Kyōhaku Tandokude.

The serene and peaceful night of Karakura town was disrupted by the sudden opening of a Garganta. Stepping out, Astuto clenched her fists and sighed.

"Did you really need to follow me? I may be blind but I certainly don't need an escort." she snapped, turning her head to see Reina standing on the other side of the Garganta, arms crossed and pouting.

"I'm sorry Mue-san, you looked really miserable so I came to see what was up. I'll go if you want," she began to step forward but halted. "I suppose I should go and check on Estrella, who knows what mischief she's gotten into since I've been gone." Reina sighed, flicked her hair and proceeded back to Hueco Mundo muttering to herself, occasionally looking back to Astuto through the closing Garganta.

Heading for the highest rooftop in Karakura, Astuto rested on a ledge overlooking the Karakura river.

"Wow.. Las Noches has nothing on this place.." she whispered to herself in awe. Quickly falling back to reality, Astuto noticed a fierce, strong reiatsu heading straight for her. Panicking, she jumped from the rooftop and landing artistically on the ground below her, she raced to the other side of the river and suppressed her reiatsu as much as she possibly could.

"Shit," Astuto breathed, panting rhythmically. "I only came here to think, now I've got some Shinigami tailing me!" she slowed her breathing and hid herself behind the base of the bridge, waiting for the Shinigami to give up.

On his evening patrol in Karakura town, Tandokude Kyōhaku was stood on a rooftop in absolute silence, checking for any slight change in reiatsu. Abruptly, his head snapped to his left.

"A Garganta? Now!?" he hissed, gripping the hilt of his Zanpakutō. He had no time to lose. Shooting off in the direction of the Garganta, Kyōhaku couldn't decide whether to warn Soul Society or not. He was more than capable of dispatching the enemy by himself, so he didn't bother and continued onwards.

Stopping at the side of the riverbank, Kyōhaku tried to sense the Arrancar's reiatsu but it was no use, it was so low that it was hard to determine which direction they were in. He shook his head and turned to head back to his post.

"Must have been a false alarm, or just a regular Hollow. The Substitute Shinigami, Kurosaki Ichigo will take care of that." he mocked. The sound of a branch snapping made Kyōhaku spin around with his hand still firmly fixed on the hilt of his Zanpakutō, to see the Arrancar stood there as if she was frozen, her mesmerizing grey eyes staring straight into his. Layers of thick, choppy auburn hair framed her perfectly heart-shaped face, turning to a dark brown colour towards the tips. Her uniform consisted of an extremely revealing swimsuit with the usual black accents, a strip of white covering her cleavage – making it just suitable to look at. Black gloves with white accents covered her arms up past her elbow, stopping and coming to a point. The same with her boots, coming up past her knees and stopping mid-thigh. She's beautiful.

"Kyōhaku, is that really you?" she questioned, tilting her head to the side like an inquisitive puppy.

"Don't you remember me, Kyōhaku-kun?" She questioned again, this time stepping forward with an open hand, beckoning him to come to her. Her eyes searching for him. Kyōhaku stared at the redhead blankly. Who is she?

"I guess not.." She sighed, dropping her outstretched arm. The silence that followed was ear piercing, neither of them knew what to say. Several minutes passed before Kyōhaku opened his mouth.

"How do you kn-" He began.

"Can I ask you something!?" She blurted, blushing slightly.

"Please?" she added, closing her eyes. Kyōhaku paused for a moment, wondering what she could possibly want to ask. She's an Arrancar after all, an enemy of Soul Society, we shouldn't be talking. This was a war for goodness sake, we should be fighting!

"What is it?" He replied harshly, eyeing her every move and monitoring her reiatsu closely, waiting for any slight change.

"Before we fight.. I want to give you something and I've been waiting for a very long time to give this to you, because I didn't have the chance to before.. you.. and..." She trailed off, tears began to fall down her blush filled cheeks. She fidgeted a little, playing with her fingers as she awaited the Shinigami's reply.
He stood there, blissfully unaware of who this girl was. Staring at her clouded eyes, peering through her thick, reddy brown hair. It could be a trick to lower my guard, but she doesn't look like she'd do that. She looks kind, gentle and incredibly.. familiar.

"I uhh.. accept," He answered nervously, his hand still gripping the hilt of his Zanpakutō – just in case. "What is it?"
Astuto took small, short steps towards the tall Shinigami, her heart pounding and feeling like it would jump out of her chest. She stopped, their bodies just a few inches away from each other. Kyōhaku's grip tightened on his Zanpakutō. Astuto chuckled, noticing Kyōhaku's uneasiness.

"You wouldn't attack me unarmed, would you?" she asked rhetorically, slipping her Zanpakutō out of it's sheath and throwing it into the river. "I probably shouldn't have done that.. never mind. Relax and close your eyes." she whispered, looking up and giving him a slight smile. Kyōhaku shot her a disapproving look and scoffed.

"Just.. trust me will you!" she barked, crossing her arms across her well endowed chest. Kyōhaku hesitated, how could he resist those eyes? He rolled his eyes just before closing them, expelling a sharp breath.

"Are they closed?" she asked, whilst reaching up for his face to check.

Kyōhaku sighed. "Yes."


Astuto inhaled deeply. Taking hold of Kyōhaku's face with both hands, she pulled him down into a kiss. His lips resisted as he tried to pull away but then something changed – he froze and his hands dropped to his sides. Astuto broke the kiss, removing her hands from his cheeks and took a few steps back.

"I'm.. sorry.." she trailed off, covering her mouth with her hand. Tears fell down her flushed cheeks. As she turned to leave, Kyōhaku grabbed her shoulder, spinning her back around holding her in a tight embrace, her face was buried in his chest.

"I remember everything. I remember.." he sobbed.

Astuto cried harder, soaking his shihakushō.

"You." he whispered.

He released her from the embrace and moving his hand under her chin, he pulled her head up to look into her tear filled eyes. He moved his face close enough to hers so that he could feel her warm breath, this time he moved in to kiss her. His lips gently touched hers, as if she was so fragile that she would break in his arms. They broke off the kiss once more and Kyōhaku rested his forehead on top of her head.

"I've missed you." he said, smiling.
A big thank you to *Tygerlander and ~KizomaruHotaru who helped me out with starting the story off - I owe you two big time! <33

This came to me in a dream about a week ago, so I had to write it out - even though I absolutely hate writing.

This little piece is for ~xXPandaCornXx, a really awesome friend of mine who happens to have a birthday today. So happy birthday gorgeous, I hope you like it! :hug:

Bleach, Characters & Concept Tite Kubo
Astuto de los Muerto & Kyōhaku Tandokude ~xXPandaCornXx
Reina de los Cielos & Estrella del Bosque =TypicalNic
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