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August 15, 2012
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Personal Information:

Name: Kotori Tandokude.
Kanji: 小鳥 単独で.
Nickname(s): Tori/Ko/Ri-chan/san/etc.
Age: Unknown. (Appears to be in her early twenties)
Birthday: April 15th.
Zodiac Sign: Aries.
Species: Shinigami.
Race: Japanese.
Sex: Female
Relationship Status: In a relationship with Hyosuke Ryoma.

• Minami Tandokude. (Mother; deceased)
• Daijiro Tandokude. (Father; deceased)
Kyōhaku Tandokude. (Older brother)



Height: 160cm. (5'3")
Weight: 54kg. (121lbs)
Eyes: Ash grey.
Hair: Midnight blue in colour, reaches to the small of her back and is tied at the ends with a bandage, and her bangs are usually pinned back out of the way.
Uniform: Instead of the standard shihakushō, she wears a sleeveless kosode along with a shortened hakama, similar to a pair of shorts. Instead of the traditional white obi she opted for an orange coloured one. Kotori also wears the 4th Division medical kit worn over her shoulder.

Distinguishing Features:

• Kotori has a peacock feather tattoo which is relevant to her favourite animal and somewhat to her Zanpakutō, located on her left hip.
• As she is left-handed, Kotori wears her Zanpakutō on her right.


Height: 162cm. (5'4")
Weight: 57kg. (125lbs)
Eyes: Ash grey, blind in her right eye.
Hair: Midnight blue in colour, now cut short reaching her shoulder blades and her bangs are usually pinned back out of the way.
Uniform: Instead of the standard shihakushō, she wears a sleeveless kosode along with a shortened hakama, similar to a pair of shorts. Instead of the traditional white obi she opted for an orange coloured one. Kotori also wears the 4th Division medical kit worn over her shoulder. She now wears an elbow-length glove on her dominant hand.

Distinguishing Features:

• Kotori has a peacock feather tattoo which is relevant to her favourite animal and somewhat to her Zanpakutō, located on her left hip.
• As she is left-handed, Kotori wears her Zanpakutō on her right.
• During her fight with the former 5th Espada, Eros Aldana, Kotori suffered a substantial amount of injuries including the loss of sight in her right eye, leaving it faded in colour with a long scar running from the top of her eyelid down to the bottom of her jaw.
• A small scar just underneath her breasts, with a matching one in the same place on her back which is also from her fight with the former Espada.


Kotori is a very strong-willed individual. She always strives to complete a task or mission set for her as to not let anyone down. This also makes her a perfectionist and is always trying to perfect her skills but her determined nature also ties into her stubborness and will often refuse to be beaten by her opponent. Her optimism is astounding - if something bad happens she won't be defeated; she will always look for an alternative route if she's lost, she will get back up if she's knocked down.

Though she is determined, Kotori often sleeps into the mid-morning by accident and is constantly late for meetings at her Division. She has very bad time-keeping and often loses track of time when she isn't with someone. Being raised with only her older brother, Kotori is rather boyish and graceless. She would much rather wear loose-fitting clothes such as shorts and participate in not-so feminine activities.

Kotori is very compassionate towards others, most notibly children, and will go out of her way to help in any way she can, adding to her good-nature. Although outwardly Kotori seems kind to the bone, deep down she can be very self-critical, most especially about her abilities as a Shinigami. Her lack of self confidence can quite often make her envious of others who have bettered their abilities in turn sending her into a spiral of bitterness, depression and self-resentment.

Professional Status:

Affiliation: Gotei 13, Soul Society.
Rank: 6th Seat of the 4th Division.
Former Rank(s):  
• 9th Seat of the 4th Division.
• 12th Seat of the 4th Division.
• 16th Seat of the 4th Division.
• Unseated member of the 4th Division.
Occupation: Leader of the 10th Advanced Relief Team.
Base of Operations: 4th Division Barracks, Seiretei, Soul Society.


Rukon District:

Born in the 3rd District of West Rukongai, Hokutan, to Minami and Daijiro Tandokude, Kotori was their first and only daughter and younger sister to their son, Kyōhaku Tandokude.
As she grew older, Kotori often spent her days with her older brother and his friends, out playing games until the late evening. With their parents being Shinigami they were hardly ever home which left Kotori and her brother to look after themselves. Many years later, the siblings' parents died on patrol in an area outside of Rukongai. This unfortunate event triggered Kotori's dreams of her Zanpakutō spirit.

Shin'ō Academy:

After the premature death of her Shinigami parents and under the guidance of her older brother Kyōhaku, Kotori entered into the Shin'ō Academy as the dreams of her Zanpakutō spirit began to become more frequent. Subsequently passing the initial exams, she began to follow in her mother's footsteps with her excellent Reiryoku control.

During her first year Kotori spent the majority of her time studying and training alone as she was unable to make friends very easily. Her brother noticed this and told her not to work herself to death, to have a little fun once in a while. Taking her brother's advice, she slowly befriended fellow first-year Juri Miyake and trained together in their free time, eventually becoming good friends.

By the end of her second year, Kotori had already mastered Kidō which impressed her instructors and the Captain of the 4th Division; Retsu Unohana, who invited her to join her division. At first, Kotori graciously refused as she wanted to continue training with her Zanpakutō in hopes of perfecting her Shikai. And so, after another year of failed training, she accepted Unohana's offer and happily joined the 4th Division as an unseated member.

4th Division:

During her time in the 4th Division, Kotori quickly befriended 7th Seat Hanatarō Yamada, whom people often confused as her youger brother due to their similarities in appearance but though they are not related, she still treats him as if he were her brother. Assisting him whenever a “4th Division member's job” came up.

- ?

Winter War:

When the Captains and Lieutenants departed for Karakura, Kotori was sent to Hueco Mundo as medical support along with her Captain, Retsu Unohana.
Eventually leaving unnoticed, Kotori decided to go ahead and earch for her unusual allies in the Arrancar. As she wandered the vast deserts of Hueco Mundo she felt an unusual presence closing in on her and suddenly an Arrancar appeared infront of her; arms crossed with a smug grin spread across his face. He began by introducing himself as the 104th Privaron, Eros Aldana – explaining that a Privaron is a former Espada - he then teased Kotori by asking her why a “cute little thing like her” was out here all alone.

Instantly disgusted by his attitude, Kotori wasted no time and made the first move. She quickly disappeared then reappeared behind him and used Hadō #54; Haien with minimal effect on the ex-Espada, only slightly burning through his uniform and only just scorching his back. They soon began to clash swords as they darted all across the sands and Kotori eventually began to gain the upper hand, albeit not for very long. In an attempt to throw off Kotori, Eros dropped his sister's name, informing her that he knows she has been teaching Luella healing techniques and that he doesn't take kindly to her getting involved with Shinigami. Surprised to learn that Eros is Luella's brother, she comes to the shock realisation that he must know Reina as well.

Caught off guard, the Arrancar impaled her with his Zanpakutō and noted that he greatly enjoys close-range combat. Kotori collapsed almost instantly, cursing him with every name under the sun. Eros smugly informs her that he loves to manipulate his opponents and that he is very good at it. His statement made Kotori laugh as she released her Shikai, casually hinting that she too, manipulates her opponents. As the mist from her Zanpakutō began to surround them both, Eros instinctly reached down and grabbing a handful of her hair, he yanked her upwards to face him, pushing her up against an already half-destroyed wall. With his own Zanpakutō in hand he proceeded to tell her that if he wasn't allowed to see in her ability then neither should she. With a grin he slowly cut down the right side of her face and was about to do the same to her left when he was stopped by a hand on his blade and a familiar voice told him to stop. Kotori instantly recognised the voice, it belonged to Reina del Arroyo who was quickly followed by the frantic cries of Luella Delmar as she rushed to Kotori, forcefully removing her from her half-brother's grip and began to heal her wounds the best she could.

While Kotori laid there in the sand, slightly traumatised, she could hear the muffled argument between Reina, Eros and Luella – mainly Reina. Momentarily, her vision began to fade and Kotori blacked out from her hefty blood loss. Eventually, she regains conciousness under the care of fellow 4th Division member Hanatarō Yamada who explains that he found her here on his way back with her wounds almost healed. Kotori begins to panic as she cannot see out of her right eye to which Hanatarō apologises for not being able to heal her lost sight and helps her up, assisting her as they headed back to the rest of the Shinigami group.


In progress.

Powers & Abilities:

Kidō: As a member of the 4th Division, Kotori is well versed in all types of Kidō.

Reiatsu: Kotori has excellent control over her reiatsu being a member of the 4th Division.

Hakuda: Kotori is proficient enough in hand-to-hand combat that if she finds herself in a situation where she is lacking in a weapon, she would be able to put up a decent fight for a while.

Extra Flexibility: Kotori spends her free evenings doing yoga, making her extra flexible.


Hohō: Kotori is still training to better her shunpo so she is perhaps not as quick as she could be.

Zanjutsu: Due to her poor communication with her Zanpakutō spirit, Kotori cannot hold her own for very long with her Zanpakutō'.

Low Stamina: Despite her strong-will, Kotori isn't cut out for long, drawn out battles and will tire very easily.

Blindspot: Because of her injury during the Winter War, Kotori is now blind in her right eye – serving as a blindspot in battle.


Melee: 2/10
Unarmed: 6/10
Projection: 7/10
Speed: 4/10
Intelligence: 6/10
Dexterity: 5/10
Strength: 3/10
Endurance:  2/10
Agility: 4/10
Energy:  5/10

Total:  44/100


Name: Umi Mahōtsukai; 海魔法使い (Sea Witch)

Type: Illusion/Unclassifed.

Reiatsu Colour: Golden yellow.

Zanpakutō Spirit:


Inner World:

In Kotori's inner world, Umi Mahōtsukai appears as a genie-esque woman with the lower half of her body made entirely of mist, with elongated and pointed ears similar to that of an elf. Her skin is a saturated blue-ish grey colour and her eyes greatly contrast her skintone with their bright yet dirty yellow glow. She wears a golden coloured fabric wrapped around her waist and also her chest in a halterneck fashion, the lower fabric accompanied by a see-through lilac sash. Her hair, which is also lilac, is worn short and choppy with her bangs framing her face either side and leaving her forehead exposed.


When materialised, Umi Mahōtsukai appears as a slender yet curvacious woman who is slightly taller than her master. Her lilac hair is still worn short and choppy with her bangs framing her face either side and leaving her forehead exposed. In this form, she still retains her golden coloured attire except for the fact that it now resembles a halterneck dress with slits either side, all the way up to her waist. On the upper parts of both her thighs and biceps she has two tattoos going all the way around, the upper part is a simple thick line and the lower line has jagged edges protruding downwards. On her feet she wears a pair of brown Greek sandals.


Umi Mahōtsukai (or Umi for short) is the total opposite of her wielder. She is a very narcissistic individual and is constantly worried more about her own appearance than her wielder. Her vain and conceited personality annoys Kotori because she doesn't understand how she can be so selfish. As she is conceited, Umi Mahōtsukai is extremely promiscuous and flirty despite having a female master, often teasing Kotori about the men in her life and asking her severely personal questions.
Although she is self-centered,  Umi Mahōtsukai has shown to be very prudent; giving Kotori the right advice when she needs it but not babying her completely. Brutal honesty is one thing she swears by and never shys away from giving an answer straight up or minces her words.

Relationship with wielder:

Their relationship is very rocky and strained yet they do share a mutual trust in each other. Umi Mahōtsukai cares deeply for her master though she very seldom shows it – at least not in a way that most people would show affection. Kotori can get very frustrated with Umi Mahōtsukai when she refuses to comminicate with her and often performs Jinzen for hours at a time in hopes that her Zanpakutō Spirit will eventually listen. When they're not at each other's throats they do get along rather well, with Umi Mahōtsukai advising Kotori on anything she is troubled by – acting as her mother at times, though she won't admit it herself.

Inner World:

Her inner world is an island marooned out in the open sea at night with the moon as the only light source. The island is thick with greenery, covered in mist and there are many fallen trees covered in moss and vines scattered around the island. On the desolate beach there is what appears to be the remains of a shipwreck though what is left is all rotten. Umi Mahōtsukai usually resides in the center of the island inside a small treehut but can occassionally be found wandering the beach, collecting seashells that wash up with the tide.

Sealed Form: In it's unreleased state, Umi Mahōtsukai resembles a normal katana. The hilt is golden in colour, matching the sheath and the tsuba is semi-circular shaped.


Command: Misu; 魅す(Enchant)

When in it's Shikai state, Umi Mahōtsukai remains sealed as a normal katana.

Shikai Abilities:

Sairen no Uta; サイレンの歌 (Siren's Song):

Sairen no Uta transforms the Zanpakutō's blade into a thick mist that spreads and covers the immediate area. This disorientatates her opponent and makes it difficult for them to determine where Kotori is, making this ability perfect for performing a sneak attack. However, Kotori can only keep the ability up for so long depending on her reiatsu, concentration levels and the strength of her opponent.

• - ?

- ?

Bankai: Not yet achieved.

Name: Gōyokuna Umi Mahōtsukai; 強欲な海の魔法使い (Avaricious Sea Witch)


- ?

Bankai Abilities:

Kojin no Chōeki 個人の懲役 (Personal Imprisonment):

Kotori controls the Zanpakutō mist, guiding it to enter the bloodstream through any open wounds and slowly begins to take over her opponent's body. How long it takes depends on the strength and resistance of Kotori's opponent. Upon complete possession, Kotori is able to manipulate her opponent's body using the mist inside their blood like a puppet. This way she can either forcefully make her opponent injure themselves or injure them herself as they're immobolised.
Normally the mist takes up to a day to leave the bloodstream but if her opponent is strong enough, they can concentrate their reiatsu into dispelling the mist from their body themselves as they are still mentally conscious when possessed.

Mippei Sensō 密閉戦争 (Sealed War):

Because of the mist currently in her opponent's bloodstream, Kotori can manipulate the mist to burst out of their body - causing internal damage to her opponent. This ability can be potentially life threatening if Kotori uses it on the body's vital organs.
As before, if her opponent is strong enough they can concentrate their reiatsu into dispelling the mist from their body themselves usually without coming to much harm themselves.


• Her first name means "small bird" (小鳥 "Kotori") while her last name means "alone" (単独で "Tandokude").
• She is extremely terrible at keeping secrets.
• Kotori is a very bad drunk, usually embarrassing herself and has to be carried back to her division's barracks.
• Kotori enjoys listening to ocean sounds as it helps her to relax when she performs Jinzen.
• Due to her brother Kyōhaku being in the 11th Division, they usually have to pretend to hate eachother in the presence of their squad members.
• Kotori assisted Luella Delmar in creating an antidote to her Zanpakutō's poison.
• Her theme song would be - ?


• "Please talk to me.. I really need you right now, Umi-sama.." (To her Zanpakuto Spirit)
• "Oh pleeeeease let me go to the Human World! I'll be careful, I promise!"
• "I will defeat you, even if I have to die myself."
• "Slow down! You know I can't run very well in a gigai!"
• "I'm not good enough.. I'll never be good enough.."

Only a few things left! :la:

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